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Where can I sell my mobile home?
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Where can I sell my mobile home?

Many Mobile home owners ask, “Where can I sell my mobile home?” The answer to this question depends on where your home is located and what your situation is. For you to make an informed decision on who you hire to sell your home, you first need to identify which scenario best describes your situation. We explain each scenario for you. We then make recommendations from our expert experience on who you should hire to help you sell your mobile home.

  1. Your home is in a Land-leased Community.
  2. Your home is located on Private Land and considered Real Property.
  3. Your home must be relocated once sold.

The most common scenario for mobile home owners selling their home in California, is where their home is in a land-leased community. These communities are most commonly known as Mobile Home Parks. You may also have heard the terms Trailer Parks or Manufactured Housing Communities used to describe land-leased communities. In these types of community’s residents own their home but pay a monthly fee to the land owner.

The second most common scenario is where the mobile home needs to be relocated from its current location. These homes are typically much older and require a lot of improvements to bring the home to acceptable and livable conditions. Often, these homes are in mobile home parks and then relocated to private land.

If neither of the scenarios above fits the situation you’re in, then you are most likely trying to sell a mobile home that’s located on private land and converted to Real Property. In any event, you are better served choosing a company who specializes in the sales of new and pre-owned manufactured homes or mobile homes.

Yes, a Real Estate Agent’s license allows them to sell pre-owned mobile homes, but most likely their marketing and sales strategies are not geared towards generating with the right kind of buyer for your home. Real Estate Agent’s expertise is in Real Estate, not manufactured or mobile home sales.

Home Quest is a Mobile home Retailer whose license allows them to sell both new and pre-owned mobile homes throughout the state of California. Home Quest’s Marketing and Sales Strategy is also focused on finding the right mobile home buyer. They offer free market evaluations and help educate you, the seller about selling your mobile home. If you have would like to speak to a local representative, please call 866.720.2207 or visit our agent’s web page to contact mobile home sales specialist directly.

We hope we’ve help you decide where you can sell your mobile home. If you are looking for mobile home financing, is a great place for you to start looking.