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What New Homebuyers Are Seeking: Convenience & Affordability
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What New Homebuyers Are Seeking: Convenience & Affordability

According to a study conducted last year by Zillow, the average U.S. homebuyer is 45, and while most purchased a single-family detached house last year, about a quarter of the buyers purchased other types of homes. People are discovering that smaller homes are not only more affordable, but they are less upkeep than larger traditional single-family homes, making them gain in popularity more every year.

Technology is also playing a greater role in home shopping. The Zillow survey asked homebuyers about their desire for 3D and virtual home tour technology, and 68% of home buyers agreed that 3D tours would give them a better feel for the home than static photos. In addition, 63% of buyers said they’d like to unlock properties on their phones and tour them in person on their own time. This represents an increase over 2020 and 2019 when the pandemic likely caused buyers to embrace online home shopping as much as they shop online for groceries and other consumer goods.

HomeQuest caters to home buyers by providing just what they want – the ease of browsing homes right from their computer, taking virtual tours, and allowing buyers to custom-build a manufactured home. The innovative platform allows filtered searches by price range, size, and a number of bedrooms so home buyers can configure their ideal manufactured home, ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) or Tiny Home (also called Park Models.)

“Manufactured homes are increasingly popular because of the housing crisis and inflated real estate prices, as well as consumers realizing the ease of living in a manufactured home,” said Shane Joffe, general manager and partner of HomeQuest. “Today’s manufactured homes are energy efficient, include designer touches, and are often constructed better than site-built homes, as they’re designed to be shipping from the manufacturer to the home site.”

Joffe notes that new escrows for the company are up double digits over last year, adding, “We are simplifying the home buying process and are excited to offer consumers an unprecedented number of options at every price point. There is truly something for everyone.”

Contact HomeQuest for more information about a manufactured home to meet your needs.