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Utility Maintenance: Things to Know

One of the most important aspects of mobile home property management is utility maintenance and upgrade programs. We are proud to partner with our clients to help maintain their communities through the safest and most cost-effective means.

Mobile Home Park Utility Conversion Program

Not only has J & H Asset Property Management successfully guided clients through utility conversion programs, but our owner and founder Jim Joffe has served on the WMA (Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association) Utility Task Force for years. We have helped thousands of homes transition to individual utility service through all the major Investor-Owned Utility companies, ultimately saving money for park and homeowners.

Utility conversion programs provide additional safety and an increased electric capacity for their communities, which outweighs any temporary inconvenience of construction. Older communities also often have compromised infrastructure, so replacement is typically recommended at a certain age or if there is degradation happening underneath the ground.

Warding Off Water Leaks

J & H also receives a lot of calls annually regarding aging water lines in mobile home parks. In some cases, our property managers can bring in contractors to do spot repairs, but some communities also have water lines that are so deteriorated, it is necessary to replace the entire system. This could be from aging pipes, damage from tree roots, or other issues.

Leaks often reveal themselves during fire hydrant inspections when the water pressure is deemed to be insufficient for fire protection. Our property managers are taught to analyze clients’ water bills against their sub-meter consumption (assuming the park has resident meters) and add a percentage for the common area for a broad view of water consumption. These numbers can reveal a monthly loss that needs to be investigated further through leak detection.

Repairing & Replacing Sewer Lines

Repairing sewer lines is essential for maintaining proper sanitation and preventing environmental contamination. We recommend contractors who utilize cameras to evaluate the sewer lines, which is the most valuable aid to determine the exact damage and option(s) to repair or replace your sewer lines.

When you have a diligent property management company on your side, they will be on the lookout for maintenance issues and utility upgrade opportunities and guide you to make the best decision for your park. A heightened awareness of your infrastructure is essential to maintain the value of your community and can save you further costs and liability in the future. If J & H can help you by providing best-in-class property management services, please contact us at (714) 974-0397.


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