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Today’s Manufactured Homes are Beautiful & Built to Last
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Today’s Manufactured Homes are Beautiful & Built to Last

Most homebuyers wouldn’t recognize today’s modern manufactured homes because most look and feel like site-built housing. From backyard ADUs that are used for home offices or guest quarters, to 2,000-plus sq. ft. homes used for primary residences, today’s manufactured homes have been elevated through better construction and an array of features and designer touches only typically seen in traditional tract homes.

“Every year, we see more features available in manufactured homes, and the trends are really following amenities that are associated with the site-built tract and even custom homes,” said HomeQuest partner and general manager Shane Joffe. “Homebuyers are embracing interior and exterior features that were never before offered in manufactured homes and give the home a traditional site-built look and feel.”

Homebuyers can now choose from sought-after features such as porches, granite or quartz kitchen countertops, farmhouse sinks, upgraded appliances, various upgraded cabinetry and flooring options, elegant lighting fixtures, on-trend barn doors, stand-alone bathtubs, fireplaces, and even attached garages. Walking into a new manufactured home or even virtually touring one online can be eye-opening for a home buyer as they review the light and bright interiors and design options.

Joffe also shares that modern manufactured homes are built to stricter HUD codes than in years past with drywall, better insulation, dual-paned windows, energy-efficient sidewall options, and more. They are often also constructed better than site-built tract homes since they need to be transported to the lot for installation.

Due to the high-quality construction, a new study conducted by Dr. Carol Meeks, professor and head of the Department of Consumer Economics at the University of Georgia, has shown that the life of a new manufactured home used as a primary residence is estimated to be nearly 56 years.

“Most site-built homes are remodeled after two or three decades, depending on the area and demographic of homeowners,” said Joffe. “This study shows that manufactured homes are built just as well, if not better, than traditional tract homes with a long life expectancy of the home.”

Further, this number is 22 years higher than previously forecasted due to an incomplete study of the number of manufactured homes previously estimated by the American Housing Survey (AHS.)

From simple backyard ADUs to amenity-filled manufactured homes, HomeQuest partners with top manufacturers in the country to help home buyers build their perfect unit at a competitive cost. Shoppers can browse nearly 100 floorplans for homes from Champion Homes, Silvercrest, Redman Homes, Skyline, Golden West Homes/Clayton, Fleetwood, Karsten Homes, Back Porch Homes, and Virtue Built.