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Tips for Buying: Mobile Homes for Sale in Riverside
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Tips for Buying: Mobile Homes for Sale in Riverside

Are you looking for mobile homes for sale in Riverside?  You might be finding out how difficult it is to find a home in this environment.  Due to the low inventory (homes on the market), we are currently in a “seller’s market.”  Sellers are receiving several offers within days of listing their mobile home for sale in Riverside, CA.  This is causing buyers to put offers above the asking price.  Hiring the right agent is more important now than ever.  It will also save you TIME & MONEY.

Everyone has a friend, family member, or neighbor who has their Real Estate license.  While your family, friend, or neighbor with a Real Estate license can sell your home and they might even give you a discount, but the fact is they are most likely not the best option for you to use as a “Buyer’s Agent.”  Many of our clients who hired a neighbor or family member at first to buy their home, later found out that was the wrong agent to hire.  Having a Real Estate license in Riverside does not qualify someone for selling your mobile home in Riverside.  Real Estate agents typically are not experienced in selling mobile homes for sale in Riverside, CA located in land-leased communities.  Also known as mobile home parks.

Purchasing mobile homes for sale in Riverside requires agents to understand the Mobile Home Park Residency Law (MRL), Civil Code, Title 25, and most importantly the Park Rules and regulations.  There are mobile home sales agents in Riverside who Specialize in the sales of Mobile Homes located in mobile home parks.  Agents licensed through HCD are better suited to sell your mobile home for sale in Riverside.  Odds are our escrow instructions protect you (Buyers & Sellers) more than an escrow through a Real Estate Agent in Riverside.

HomeQuest has specialized in the sales of new and pre-owned mobile homes and manufactured homes for over 20 years.   We have helped THOUSANDS of mobile home park residents with the purchase of a mobile home for sale in Riverside and all of California.  This makes HomeQuest one of the most experienced and most recommended teams to help you find the right mobile home for sale in Riverside.  HomeQuest cooperates with several mobile home sales agents whose market is in Riverside, allowing us to better serve mobile home buyers.

HomeQuest will help you save time and money when purchasing a mobile home for sale in Riverside.  Hiring HomeQuest to help you find the perfect mobile home for you and your family is free of charge.  Our fee is paid for by the Listing Agent who is under contract with the sellers.

If you are looking to SAVE MONEY & TIME when purchasing your mobile home for sale in Riverside, CA, contact us today at (866) 720-2207 or fill out a contact form for a Mobile Home Consultant to contact you.