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July 3, 2024 TQuinn

Selecting a Property Management Company

As you likely know, a mobile home park management company oversees the daily operations of the community on behalf of the property owner. While some investors may feel that they can manage the property on their own, most lack the time, resources, and professional experience to successfully manage the property and stay a step ahead of issues ranging from leasing and budgeting to maintenance, resident relations, legislation affecting mobile home parks, and more.

Choosing the right property management company can make a vast difference in maintaining a safe and secure environment, the happiness of your residents, and long-term, the ROI of your investment. J & H Asset Property Management offers an array of services that not only can we tailor to the unique needs of each client and property, but that set us apart from other property management companies.

Part of J & H’s service for new clients is to thoroughly assess and audit the entire park for Cal/OSHA compliance, adequate insurance coverage, liabilities, code enforcement, compliance with applicable Mobile Home Residency Law and Title 25 compliance, and much more. The goal is to become thoroughly acquainted with the community and its needs for the development of short-term and long-term planning to meet the needs and goals of the client.

J & H is dedicated to being a valuable source for its clients in what is an increasingly complicated industry. In addition to offering a team of certified professional managers, J & H offers more in-depth support than other property management companies. J & H has human resource specialists (including a full-time Cal OSHA certified safety inspector) and an attorney specializing in mobile home and manufactured home industry law working on behalf of its clients.

These professional services are just one benefit of working with J & H and what sets them apart from other property management companies. The Human Resources department does more than most investors or park owners can do for themselves to mitigate losses and avoid issues with government agencies.

The company also regularly holds annual all-day training sessions for its on-site managers. This keeps the entire team aware and educated about new laws, regulations, safety protocols, and other key issues. Our thorough training also allows J & H to have a knowledgeable team that provides the best service for both clients and their residents.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can discuss how to provide your property with premier management services or if you are looking for brokerage services to purchase or sell properties.


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