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New Generation of Homeowners Attracted to Affordability of Manufactured Homes
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New Generation of Homeowners Attracted to Affordability of Manufactured Homes

While the housing market has slightly cooled, prices are still high, and mortgage rates are even higher. Traditional housing continues to be out of reach for many people, including young adults and families who may already be struggling to make ends meet with today’s inflation.

Millennials and even Gen Z homebuyers who might otherwise be renting an apartment also may be scrimping to save for a down payment on a traditional home. This new generation of homebuyers has found that manufactured homes are a great alternative for affordable housing because they are a fraction of the cost of a traditional site-built home.

No longer the mobile homes of decades past, the manufactured homes being made and sold today feature high-quality construction and designer features and finishes typically standard in a traditional home. From enjoying a relaxing, low-maintenance lifestyle, to building home equity faster because they are getting into homeownership, home buyers of manufactured homes are realizing the many great attributes of this housing alternative.

Additionally, as more and more people shop online for everything from clothes, groceries, and gifts, to bigger purchases like cars, it’s convenient to now shop for a home online as well. HomeQuest has made this easier than ever with their user-friendly website and customer relations specialists who are ready to help with any questions. Homebuyers appreciate that they can browse photos, renderings, and floor plans, as well as take virtual tours of new homes from the comfort of their home.

As housing and general costs of living escalate, let HomeQuest help you find the home of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home. The company offers nearly 100 floorplans and custom options from eight of the leading manufacturers in the Western U.S., making homeownership easier and better than ever.