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Mobile Home Sales Agents
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Mobile Home Sales Agents

Most Mobile Home Sales Agents are set up for failure before they even start selling their career. That’s because they are working under the wrong leadership and aren’t trained properly. Home Quest, one of the most trusted and knowledgeable manufactured and mobile home retailers in California was asked, “what’s the secret to growing their resale business?” Home Quest’s Management’s response was, “You need to be willing to do what the average sales person isn’t. We help educating both the buyer and seller, under promise and over deliver, take the time to market the home properly, sit on open houses, and return phone calls in a timely manner.

When working with a buyer or seller, the first step is to educate that person on the entire process. Educating the customer will help them make the best decision at that point in time and leaves little room for misunderstandings. Successful Sales Agents are great at communicating with their customers. It’s important to remember that homeownership is typically people’s largest asset. Be understanding if they have their guard down. By educating your customer, they will be more likely to open-up and gain their confidence in you but be sure to not make promises you can’t keep.

One of the most common complaints from sellers is agents not delivering on their promises. Doing this is the quickest way to lose your customer’s confidence and trust. These are two of the most important qualities that bring a customer and agent together. If you’re an agent, don’t forget to define the work you will be doing to service the listing. If you’re a seller, don’t be afraid to ask your agent to define their services in the Contractual Listing Agreement. One of several duties an agent has is to market the home.

Marketing a mobile home for sale.

There are several components that need to be come together to receive maximum exposure on a mobile home for sale in Orange County, or any other location in California. Home Quest’s experience in selling mobile homes has given them the ability to properly market a mobile home for sale and get it sold in a timely manner. One of the most valuable components is holding Open Houses.

Holding Open Houses is what separates the top sales agents from the average one. These days it seems like more and more agents stop working after they have placed their listing on the Internet and put flyers in the flyer box. These are just the beginning steps. Sales Agents have an obligation to put their best foot forward and to do everything they can, within reason, to get a home sold. Holding Open Houses shows the customer you are committed to doing your job. Not only will Open Houses help you sell a home, but it is a great networking opportunity. Often, an open house attendee is not interested in that particular house but would like assistance to find them the right home. Even if the customer is just a “lookie lou” follow up with them.

It is astonishing how many sellers will comment on how they left voicemails with several agencies, but only one got back to them. Rarely does an agent make a sale after their first interaction with the customer. More times than not, it takes an agent several phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. to make a sale. Home Quest’s management puts emphasis on their agents returning every email, phone call or any other form of communication as soon as possible.

If you are looking to sell your mobile home, do not be afraid to set expectations with your agent. Make sure they have the experience and ability to service your needs and meet your expectations. Successful Sales Agents understand the importance of educating our buyers and sellers, delivering on our promises, marketing a mobile home for sale, and holding open houses.