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Mobile Home Park Residents Pay Too Much in Commission Fees
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Mobile Home Park Residents Pay Too Much in Commission Fees

HomeQuest agrees with mobile home park residents!  Mobile home park residents are paying too much money in commission fees to Real Estate Agents.  There have been several reports with residents paying as much as 10% or more in commission fees to get their homes sold!  HomeQuest has partnered with mobile home parks throughout California to bring industry-leading services to residents at a fraction of the cost.  Over the 25 years, HomeQuest has been specializing in the sales of new and used manufactured homes and mobile homes has allowed us to build state-of-the-art sales and marketing strategies.

Selling a mobile home is much different than selling Real Estate.  Yes, a realtor’s license permits selling used mobile homes, but do they have the experience, understand the lifestyle mobile home parks provide, or most importantly, do they understand the laws?  HomeQuest agents are properly trained and understand the Mobile Home Park Residency Law (MRL), Title 25, and your park Rules & Regulations.  The mobile home park lifestyle is not for everyone.

HomeQuest’s marketing and sales strategies specifically target those looking to live this lifestyle.  Most agents sit behind their desks waiting for leads to flow in from the Multiple Listing Service.  This is an outdated strategy and does not serve you well.  Our agents are highly trained to make the best use of all the sales tools we have available.  We do not wait for leads to fall in our lap.  Our agents take a proactive approach to finding the right buyer to sell your home for top value.

To learn more about our State-of-the-Art Marketing Service or for a FREE MARKET, EVALUATION fill out our >contact form or call (866) 720-2207.

Here is a list of mobile home parks HomeQuest has partnered with to help residents get their homes sold for a fraction of the price.

Conta Costa County Orange County Placer County
Vista Diablo Mobile Estates Beachview Mobile Home Park Edgewood Mobile Home Village
  Brookfield Manor  
El Dorado County Cabrillo Riverside County
Diamond Springs Mobile Home Park Continental Mobile Manor Californian Mobile Home Park
  Driftwood Park Casa del Rey
Fresno County El Toro Estates Foothills of Hemet
Bali Hi Mobile Homes Forest Gardens Heather Estates MHP
  Huntington by the Sea Il Sorrento
Los Angeles County Huntington Mobile  
Granada Villa Huntington Shorecliffs Sacramento County
Lakewood Mobile Estates Laguna Hills Estates Lamplighter Sacramento MHP
Summit Mobile Home Park Los Amigos  
Wildwood Mobile Country Club Mariners Pointe San Bernardino County
  New Villa Valencia Holiday Homes
Nevada County Orange Crest  
Olympia Glade Mobile Estates Orange Village San Diego County
Sierra Pines Mobile Home Park Park Royale MHP LLC Greenbrier Gardens Mobile Estates
  Prothero Starlight Mobile Home Park
  Rancho del Rey  
  Rancho Huntington San Luis Obispo County
  Rancho La Siesta Silver City Mobile Lodge
  Saddleback Lodge  
  Santiago Creekside Santa Clara County
  Sea Aira Estates Oak Crest Estates
  Sea Breeze Mobile  
  Skandia Mobile Country Club Ventura County
  Sunkist Gardens Buenaventura Mobile Home Estates
  Surf City Beach Imperial Oxnard
  The Groves Stardust Mobile Estates
  Villa Huntington The Patrician