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Manufactured Housing Boom Propelled by Demand for ADUs
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Manufactured Housing Boom Propelled by Demand for ADUs

According to the latest MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute) newsletter, the number of manufactured homes produced was up over 20% in June compared to June 2021, while 61,650 homes were shipped in the first half of 2022, an increase of nearly 15% over the same period last year.

HomeQuest partner and general manager Shane Joffe have also seen an increase in homebuyers’ interest, as the company’s new home escrows on ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) and other manufactured homes are up double digits over last year.

“There are many benefits to manufactured housing, and as local and state regulations make it easier to place one on your property, the public is more excited about the possibilities they can provide,” said Joffe. “Affordability and ease of online home shopping are just two of the reasons home buyers are drawn to manufactured housing.”

Joffe notes that HomeQuest has first-time homebuyers interested in the affordability, retirees who enjoy the low upkeep, and families who are using Tiny Homes and ADUs in their backyards for anything from home offices and gyms, to in-laws quarters, living space for boomerang kids returning home as young adults and renting out the unit for an alternative stream of income.

HomeQuest partners with manufacturers who design and build high-quality, yet affordable homes that can meet a wide variety 

of housing needs. This includes manufactured homes that are built to HUD code, as well as Tiny Homes and ADUs.

Virtue Built, previously Back Porch Homes is a newer manufactured housing company in Southern California that builds HUD manufactured homes, Tiny Homes, and ADUs. Born out of a need to provide affordable housing during the pandemic, Virtue Built joins five other leading manufacturers that HomeQuest works with to custom design and create the ideal manufactured home to meet a customer’s needs.

Manufactured homes are available through HomeQuest in hundreds of choices from various floorplans and facades, to designer features such as stone countertops and encased windows, as well as options such as porches and attached garages. Contact HomeQuest today for assistance in custom designing your manufactured home.