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August 27, 2023 TQuinn

J & H Asset Property Management, Inc. Offers Brokerage Services through HomeQuest

When mobile home industry veterans James Joffe and Bill Hanks partnered to form J & H Asset Property Mgt., Inc. in 1986, they didn’t know the company would grow to become one of the leading property management companies in the manufactured housing industry. To continue their growth, Joffe and Hanks expanded their services in 1998 by forming HomeQuest, a sister company that specializes in the sale of new manufactured homes as well as the resale of existing homes in established communities.

Acting as a home sales division of J & H, HomeQuest itself has since grown to become one of the top manufactured home retailers in the western U.S. HomeQuest’s primary goal is to offer discount home sales and services to J & H clients and their residents, as well as the opportunity to buy homes at “factory direct” discount pricing. This enables community owners to fill vacant spaces or replace aging mobile homes with new and modern manufactured homes.

Working with some of the country’s biggest and most respected home manufacturers, HomeQuest works with client community owners with the design, selection, installation, and sale of new homes in those communities. This not only upgrades the community but also helps to attract new residents while also increasing property values by filling vacancies. HomeQuest also works on larger projects with new or expanding communities.

HomeQuest also has a network of licensed sales agents, including some of J & H’s on-site property managers along with full-time agents, who assist residents with the purchase and sale of their homes. The company can also act as a park brokerage, which can assist clients with the purchase and sale of their communities.

In addition to the array of property management services J & H offers, and the home sales division HomeQuest, the company also has a team that can repair and rehab mobile homes and remodels recreation facilities when needed. Since many mobile home parks are decades old, projects ranging from minor deferred maintenance to major renovations can increase a client’s ROI on their community.

All of these services provide J & H clients with the peace of mind that their assets will be professionally managed and maintained to elevate the properties and fill them to capacity, which not only protects but maximizes their investment.


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