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HUD Homes regulated by the Department of Urban Development
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HUD Homes regulated by the Department of Urban Development

HUD Homes are approved and regulated by the Department of Urban Development.  HUD Homes have also come in different forms and sizes.  One of the more commonly known types of HUD Homes are called Manufactured Homes.  Manufactured Homes built to the HUD building codes are 400 sq. ft. or larger.  Homes 399 sq. ft. or smaller are called Park Models or more commonly known as Tiny Homes. 

Where can I put a HUD home / manufactured home?

In the state of California, it is against the law for any local ordinance to prohibit you from placing a manufactured home in your backyard or as your main dwelling if you comply with the architectural standards.  We can comply with most architectural standards.

Where are HUD homes built?

HUD homes are built in a controlled environment, in an assembly line.  Being built in a controlled environment prevents the building materials from being exposed to the weather.  The efficiency of having an assembly line limits the waste of materials and improves efficiency.  In return, savings get passed down to our buyers.

How much does a HUD home cost?

HUD homes vary in size and price.  HomeQuest has relationships with several manufacturers giving our customers more options.  Some manufacturers build a “Cadillac”, and some build a “Toyota.”  HomeQuest even has a home for those looking to purchase an entry-level home.

What is the first step in purchasing a HUD home?

The first step to purchasing a HUD home is deciding if you are going to pay cash or receive financing.  Sellers of HUD homes need proof of funds or evidence of loan approval before moving forward with opening escrow.  HomeQuest works with several lenders and brokers to help you get the best financing options.  Rates are typically higher than your traditional financing options.

What do I need to do to find housing options?

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about HUD homes, please contact a Housing Consultant at (866) 720-2207 or fill out a contact form.  HomeQuest has Housing Consultants throughout California helping buyers and sellers purchase new and pre-owned manufactured and mobile homes.