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Cities Embrace Affordable Housing & Infill Projects with Manufactured Housing
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Cities Embrace Affordable Housing & Infill Projects with Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing has come a long way since decades ago when “mobile home” parks provided affordable housing options for retirement. Today, spacious and beautiful manufactured homes are available with open floor plans, multiple bedrooms, stone countertops, designer touches and finishes throughout, and even optional porches and attached garages. They are also great for families and first-time homebuyers, not just retirees looking to downsize.

As Governor Gavin Newsom encourages more affordable housing throughout California by signing legislation that enables manufactured housing to be delivered more quickly and less expensively than in years past, cities are also making progress to ease the permitting process.

These steps, combined with quality construction and design, are making manufactured housing more attractive than ever.

By embracing manufactured housing through the redevelopment of mobile home parks, infill projects, or even new development, cities as well as homebuyers can benefit from manufactured housing as a more affordable housing opportunity.

“Manufactured homes as well as ADUs are in demand more than ever,” said Shane Joffe, general manager and partner of HomeQuest. “Both are terrific affordable solutions to the housing crisis, and ADUs can not only accommodate multi-generational living but can serve as a great source of passive income.”

“Southern California remains one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, and as cities make strides in permitting alternative housing, we expect to see more ADUs and manufactured housing, which is a win-win for home buyers, the communities, and even the cities and state,” added Joffe.

From the low-maintenance lifestyle to affordability, manufactured homes provide many benefits and HomeQuest is proud to partner with manufactured home communities to keep them fresh and revitalized by replacing aging homes. HomeQuest removes older homes, replacing them with modern, new amenity-filled homes that are built to HUD code, and are often built better than traditional site-built homes.

Contact HomeQuest to learn more about the array of floorplans and features available and let their sales team help you find or design your dream home.