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Champion Manufactured Home Floor Plans
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Champion Manufactured Home Floor Plans

Check out several of Champion Manufactured Home Floor Plans.  HomeQuest offers over 60 floor plans and virtual tours for our customers to choose from and order online!  Champion is one of several manufacturers in our database.  These floor plans come in single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide homes.  We can build you a home with more sections!  Champion Manufactured Home Floor Plans also consists of Park Models and Manufactured Homes built to HUD Building Codes.

Park Models are also known as Tiny Homes.  Park Model homes are built to the ANSI code.  This is similar to the RV code.  Park Models are even registered through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Depending on your local ordinances, you may not need to have a permit to put a Park Model on your property.  We advise you check with your local building department to confirm permitting regulations.  Park Models must be 399 sq. ft. or less.  Manufactured Homes built by Champion are 400 sq. ft. or larger.

Champion Manufactured Homes are more popular than park models.   HUD homes are built to more stringent building codes than the Park Models.  HomeQuest has several floor plans for you to choose from on our website.  The more popular floor plans are “split floor plans.”  Split floor plans have the bedrooms on both ends with the main living areas in the middle (kitchen, living room, dining room, utility room).  Split floor plans have the best use of square footage compared to a “front loader.”  A front loader is a home with the kitchen and living areas at the front of the home and a long hallway leading you to the bedrooms in the back. 

Here is an example of a “split” Champion Manufactured Home floor plans.

Here is an example of a “front loader.”

If you have any questions regarding Champion manufactured home floor plans, please call (866) 720-2207 or fill out a contact form.  We can help save you time and money when purchasing a new manufactured home.