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Champion Home Builders Prices
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Champion Home Builders Prices

Many customers are asking why Champion Home Builders’ prices continue to soar.  The California housing crisis combined with COVID19 is the two leading factors to Champion Home Builders’ prices increasing in 2021.  For over a year, the management of Champion Home Builders has discussed their challenges with maintaining a full workforce, shortage in building materials, and the cost of lumber.

California has declared a housing crisis for several years.  According to California’s State Governor, Newsom California needs over 1.3 million new homes built in the next decade.  Developers are recognizing Manufactured Housing offers one of the best solutions to tackling this crisis.  This is good and bad news for the industry.  With the growing popularity of factory-built housing, Champion Home Builders can not keep up with demand.  COVID has compounded this problem.

Since COVID Champion and other manufacturers across the state have had to overcome the challenge of maintaining a full workforce.  Earlier this year a Champion Home Builders representative mentioned several of their factories have a shortage of as many as 50 workers on the line.  These manufacturers are also faced with a shortage in building materials and a huge increase in costs for lumber.  Over the last several months Champion Home Builders has sent letters out to their Retailers stating homes will no longer come with new homes.  This is just one example of the challenges Champion is experiencing since COVID.

High lumber costs, shortage in materials, increase in demand and operating their factory at a fraction of capacity have all led to monthly and sometimes weekly price increases for Champion Home Builders Prices.  While all of these challenges will be overcome, we do not see Champion Home Builders’ prices decreasing anytime soon.  As long as the demand is there, prices are here to stay.  Buyers who have decided to wait for this craziness out are now finding themselves to be paying as much as 40% or more than a year ago.

Do not wait on the sideline for Champion Home Builder prices to go down.  Get your home ordered today to prevent paying higher prices.  HomeQuest has several options for our customers when purchasing a new manufactured home.  Contact one of our Manufactured Home Specialists for a quote today!

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