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December 5, 2023 TQuinn

Building Relationships with Residents

Contrary to the belief of many, residents of our client communities are also our customers, and we have an obligation to provide them with excellent service. This means being courteous, helpful, and problem-solving in a quick and professional manner when issues arise.

Building positive relationships with residents is incredibly important and worth the time and effort. This should be a priority for all community management teams, just as we make it a priority at J & H.

A great resident relationship is one built on trust. As residents feel good about your management team and their interactions, they will trust the management and company more. When training our managers, we teach that consistency, transparency, and honesty are the best ways to build strong relationships within your community, while also avoiding any fair housing pitfalls out of doing or saying something out of turn.

Residents who feel appreciated and have their voices heard by management are more likely to retain their residency. Building positive resident relationships helps you show your residents just how much you appreciate them living in your community, and they show their appreciation by becoming advocates of management.

Likewise, residents who are happy living in your community may refer the property to others who are looking for a place to live. This may help you gain some valuable leads that may turn into new tenancies by building resident relationships.

Positive resident relationships can be a simple and beneficial experience for both you and the residents. However, sometimes residents might be unhappy and cause friction or disruption within the community. This may happen for several reasons, from feeling that their rent is too high and not understanding the operational costs to run and manage the small city they live in, to having a bad experience with management or neighbors.

No matter the reason, improving communications and relationships requires you to get to know your residents. Learn what makes them tick and why they might be upset. It’s key to have a property manager who is responsive, courteous, attentive, and professional when handling any resident requests.

At J & H, we believe the easiest and most reliable way to improve relations is to offer the best possible customer service. You should always respond to an issue as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is easy for people to become frustrated if their issues aren’t resolved in a timely manner, and once a resident is frustrated, it is much harder to rebuild a positive relationship.

It is also our duty to educate residents about their lease agreement, rules, and regulations, the Mobile Home Residency Law, the Title 25 building code, and any other community-specific documents that affect them. Most residents aren’t familiar with the multiple laws and regulations governing their community that we are bound to uphold. Educating residents is helpful because it demonstrates transparency and can build trust.

The job of a property management team is not easy; however, it is easy to build positive relationships by being consistent, transparent, and honest with everyone who comes our way. We must all work together to build a community we can call home. Together, we can enhance and be proud of the community.


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