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November 21, 2023 TQuinn

Benefits of Having an In-House Attorney on Your Property Management Team

J & H Asset Property Management prides itself on going above and beyond in the services it provides for mobile home park owners. One of the many professional services J & H offers is that they are the only mobile home park property management company with in-house legal counsel to protect its clients.

Having an attorney on staff who specializes in mobile home and manufactured home industry law is a big advantage for clients and their communities in an increasingly complex industry. In-house counsel also helps ensure that park owners will have a smooth and trouble-free operation. Some of these advantages include:

1. Immediate Legal Guidance

Having an in-house attorney means that J & H can provide clients with immediate legal guidance. Mobile home communities may encounter a wide range of legal issues, from lease agreements to disputes among residents. With an attorney on your team, you can swiftly address these concerns and offer solutions, preventing potential problems from escalating.

2. Tailored Legal Solutions

Each mobile home community has its unique set of circumstances and challenges. An in-house attorney can work closely with clients to develop tailored legal solutions that specifically cater to their needs. This level of personalization can be a game-changer when resolving disputes, drafting agreements, or addressing other legal matters.

3. Cost-Effective Legal Services

Outsourcing legal services can be expensive. By having an attorney as part of your property management team, you can save on outside legal fees to help minimize operational costs.

4. Proactive Legal Protection

In the world of property management, legal issues can arise at any moment. Having an in-house attorney allows J & H and its clients to take proactive steps to protect the park owner’s interests and mitigate potential legal risks. Whether it’s reviewing contracts, ensuring compliance with local regulations, or advising on eviction processes, J & H can help you stay one step ahead.

5. Faster Conflict Resolution

Disputes among residents or between residents and the management can be particularly challenging to handle. An in-house attorney can expedite conflict resolution, which benefits both park owners and their communities. Timely resolutions can also improve the overall quality of life in your mobile home communities.

6. Legal Knowledge Shared with Property Management

At J & H, there is regular training by the in-house attorney with the property management team to keep all staff abreast of applicable laws and recent legal developments.

7. Expertise in Mobile Home Laws

Mobile home communities are subject to specific laws and regulations that vary by state. A dedicated attorney who specializes in mobile home law can keep J & H clients updated with the latest legal developments and help them navigate this complicated legal landscape more effectively.

8. Streamlined Communication

An in-house attorney can bridge the gap between the J & H property management team and legal experts, streamlining communication. This ensures that legal matters are handled efficiently and effectively. It also allows for quicker decision-making and action when needed.

The benefits of having an in-house attorney are numerous and can make a world of difference in managing mobile home communities and ensuring the satisfaction of clients and residents alike.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss elevating your property management services with J & H.


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