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Affordable Manufactured Homes in Southern California!
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Affordable Manufactured Homes in Southern California!

As people across the country – and Southern Californians in particular – struggle with the escalating cost of housing, manufactured homes and ADUs are gaining in popularity as a smart and affordable option to traditional site-built homes. Homebuyers can save a significant amount – as much as 30% in certain markets – by purchasing a manufactured home over a site-built home.

Today’s manufactured homes – including newer CrossMod™ homes that have attached garages and look like traditional single-family homes – offer high-quality construction, are built to HUD code, are energy efficient, and include an array of amenities and designer touches typically seen in traditional housing developments or custom homes.

In addition, due to the building process, manufactured homes are constructed in a more environmentally friendly manner, with less waste of materials, and rainwater isn’t washing chemicals off into the ground and surrounding land.

As one of the top manufactured home retailers on the west coast, HomeQuest helps simplify the process for homebuyers to save them both time and money. If needed, HomeQuest also assists customers in finding the best financing for their needs. CrossMod homes were recently approved for traditional financing through FHA loans, if the home has an attached garage, a permanent foundation, and is on private land used as a primary residence. This expands financing options and can further help the affordability of manufactured homes.

Yorba Linda in Orange County, California, is one of the first cities in the region to commit to Governor Newsom’s mandate for more affordable housing. The city won state approval of its new housing plan, which outlined the construction of 2,415 new homes needed for the remainder of the decade. City officials also committed to adopting measures to streamline the approval of ADUs.

In Northern California, San Jose is also making strides by approving new zoning rules to protect mobile and manufactured home communities. Rising land values and limited land to develop – particularly in the Bay Area where housing is traditionally expensive – are making these communities more attractive for affordable housing options.

Regardless of where the city is located, the housing crisis and affordable options need to be addressed, and manufactured homes are a great place to start. Contact HomeQuest and let us help you discover the affordable, environmentally friendly, and high-quality housing options available.