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ADUS Uses & Benefits as City Ordinances Ease
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ADUS Uses & Benefits as City Ordinances Ease

As city and county ordinances on zoning for ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) ease throughout California, Governor Gavin Newsom also signed legislation last fall that committed the state to creating more affordable housing, faster and cheaper than in years past.

In response to the growing housing crisis in California, this legislation is meant to boost housing production, remove barriers to the construction of ADUs, and streamline state laws to maximize housing production.

ADUs are becoming more and more popular in California due to the high housing costs, limited real estate, and flexibility of the space. We are seeing more ADUs used as detached work from home offices, particularly since the start of the pandemic.

ADUs also provide affordable housing alternatives for college students returning home, or grandparents to live closer to their young grandchildren to assist with childcare while parents work from home or away in an office. For those whose aging parents need help or a safe and affordable alternative to a board and care or assisted living facility, a backyard ADU on a family member’s property can be an ideal solution.

Because ADUs add square footage to a property, they can also increase property values, since they provide an added amenity of a private office, guest quarters, or even a source of passive income if the ADU is used for a rental tenant.

For homeowners looking for environmentally friendly options to add space, ADUs are also considered eco-friendly since the units don’t require additional land, they use fewer resources to build and maintain than a site-built structure, often make use of existing infrastructure, and they use less energy for heating and cooling.

As ADUs become more widely recognized as an affordable solution not only to the housing crisis but as alternatives to traditional home additions, new regulations are helping many areas and municipalities to legalize as well as encourage and streamline their creation. If you have been considering an ADU or would like to learn more about the options available, please reach out to us here at HomeQuest.